What’s Up with Infographics?


Every day we all consume a ridiculous amount of data. With all of this information, it’s hard to make your data stand out. One of the ways we can do this is by displaying our information through infographics, a visual display or diagram used to display a wide variety of information types. Above is a quick graphic I put together using Piktochart.com, which allows you to insert all kinds of different cartoons as well as pictures, backgrounds, and text. If you’re making something simple its the way to go.

Making your data stand out from the deluge of information we take in every day is a crucial part of advertising. One of the ways to do this is to attach a part of yourself into everything that you created, this gives people a way to connect to your work on a personal level and get a better understanding of the designer. More than anything make your infographic engaging, above I attempted to do so by having multiple slides using different backgrounds and styles under one main theme. Showing the reader something new with every step keeps the graphic visually interesting.

Infographics are a cool way to present data that stands out to the reader while creating something interesting and engaging that can also display a part of yourself. So use them! Don’t present information in a boring way anymore, present something that shows your creativity and is pleasant to look at.



Janiszewski, L. (2/8/17) How To Be Prepared For Every Adventure [infographic]. retrieved from www.Piktochart.com


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