Final Cut Pros and Cons

Learning a new technical skill is always a good thing, especially for an aspiring advertiser like myself. This week, I challenged myself with creating an entertaining video using some of the video and audio clips that I took over the last year. In the effort of learning a new skill, I tried my hand at Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. Well, the work they do is great and the process was pretty easy once I got the hang of it, but everything in between was miserable.

Before starting my project I wanted to take a look at all that I had and then lay it out in a presentable way. I did this by creating a storyboard using the free website It wasn’t amazing but it got the job done! Getting your ideas out can help a lot!


After working on my video for a good 3 hours the whole thing crashed and even though I had been saving routinely a majority of the work was lost to corrupted files. This happened again 4 hours later… But besides that, it was an enjoyable experience. While I would never say I mastered the program, I think that I understand the basics now.

the song used is “The Wolf” by Mumford and Sons.


Janiszewski, L (2017) What A Life [Screenshot]. retrieved from

Janiszewski, L (2017) What A Life [Screenshot]. Final Cut Pro 10. Adobe.

Janiszewski, L [LukeJaniszewski]. (2017, February 16). What a Life. [Video File]. Retrieved from


One thought on “Final Cut Pros and Cons

  1. Luke i’m impressed with this video. I really enjoyed the mixing of photos and actual videos. I’m also very jealous because that trip or trips seemed very excited and breathtaking. As usual your blog post was very good and fun to read, keep it up.


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