Adventure Public Relations and Marketing

With the rise of social media and the increasing need for companies to establish a personal voice, public relations has become a necessary part of doing business these days. Due to this, the field has become diversified and public relations firms can specialize themselves into different industries. Having specialized firms allows for practitioners to combine passions and be inspired by the industry they are working in. One of the specialized fields that intrigue me the most is adventure public relations, these firms specialize in working with companies and professionals in the outdoor and adventure industry. All kinds of outdoor companies use adventure PR, everything from well-known brands like Columbia and North Face to adventure destinations like Vail Mountain Resorts and The Tennessee Rafting Company have utilized public relations in a variety of ways to increase their business.

Just like every other form of public relations, firms that specialize in the outdoor industry have to cover all the bases: strategy, press release, event management, as well as the occasional crisis management. The only difference is that these firms take on every problem in the mindset of an outdoorsman, which can be pretty difficult at times. One of the biggest values for these companies is conservation and environmental protection for future generations. One of these firms, Backbone Media offers many forms of marketing services to their clients, but they also clearly state that they “advocate for the protection of our environment for future generations”. (Backbone, 2017). With these values in mind, every action must be taken with the consideration of who is going to be reading and interpreting the messages that will be sent out. According to Bonnie Tsui from Ad Age, one-half of adults in America have taken an adventurous vacation in the past 5 years. These days, adventures have become mainstream, there is a huge market this kind of marketing (Tsui, 2000).

There are many examples of public relations campaigns that have brought this message into their public relations campaigns and it has worked wonderfully. One of the best companies that have utilized this is Patagonia, a company that not only sells tactical adventure clothing but also cares a great deal about the environment. They are constantly pushing new campaigns that focus on the ways that they are working to decrease their environmental footprint. They have done everything from using recycled down to insulate jackets to making wetsuits out of natural rubber. Even in their mission statement, they express their goal of using business as a mean to help environmental issues (Patagonia, 2017). Another example is the case of Naturally Superior Adventures’ use of adventure marketing tactics as a way to boost his paddling excursions. They promoted their excursions as a “do before you’re dead” experience of a lifetime, challenging middle-aged adventures to take on a new task and offer city-dwellers an opportunity to get outside and experience something different (Naturally Superior Adventures, 2017). These are the kinds of messages used every day by adventure public relations firms to help brands grow.

I want to work in a firm that specializes in adventure marketing and public relations because it would allow me to combine my love for the outside with a career that allows me to be creative while working. I would like to have a hand in every aspect of the marketing for these inspirational brands. Being able to promote companies that help people take on new adventures and try new things would be such a rewarding profession. People always say that we should work at a job that makes you happy, and I believe that a job in the field of adventure public relations would do just that.



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