Google Partners, AdWords Certification


These days, if someone wants to know anything about your business they don’t call or open your door they just search for you online. It can be hard to understand the complicated analytics and data gathering involved in understanding how people are checking you out and how to increase their frequency. Google is awesome and offers free classes and certification in their search engine analytics. Not, only is it free, but it is also incredibly relevant to the career of a Marketer.

The Google Partners site Google Adwords gives you the knowledge needed to put together a good list of keywords and offers you ways to increase your presence online by utilizing various forms of online advertising. Whether it’s before a video, or in an app, your ads can be displayed wherever you want them for a fee based on the number of clicks that you will receive.

As a Marketer working with outdoor brands I would be able to select specific target audiences for the ads that I push. Instead of the “spray and pray” methods of the past, this technology will allow me to single out people who are, let’s say, shopping on outdoor apparel websites, watching videos about hiking or mountain biking, or even just googling information about an upcoming road trip. It’s great because it makes the consumer’s ads more relevant and enjoyable and the advertiser’s art more effective all at the same time.

Here’s my certification,

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 11.11.20 PM

Google offers tons of classes and video explanations of their programs and then gives you the chance to take their exam and get certified. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about the power of analytics. This will definitely be a skill and a knowledge set that I bring into my career and a new opportunity that I can offer my future clients.




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