Resume’ building with the GVSU Career Center

I was more than happy to receive help with my resume’ this last week at the Grand Valley State University Career Center. I was able to sit down with a representative who took the time to walk me through the steps that should be taken to create a good resume’ that will compel companies to give me an interview. In doing so they tore my resume’ apart and had me redo my formatting and change some of the content in a way that is more eye-catching and visually appealing. While some of the changes seem insignificant and minor, they all represented a crucial aspect of how employers look at resume’s and what they value the most.

Here it is, old on the left, new on the right.

As you can see, I was able to keep the general formatting of the page, but the representative at the Career Center instructed me to remove the photo (unprofessional), remove the “About Me” section and reword it into an objective, and to add some spark by including my certifications that might attract employers. It was really great getting help from a professional who knows the in’s and out’s of resume’ building.

Special thanks to all the staff at the GVSU Career Center!


Janiszewski, L. (2017). Old Resume, [Screen Shot]. Microsoft Word

Janiszewski, L. (2017). New and Improved Resume, [Screen Shot]. Microsoft Word